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Yoga Lin [IDOL] World Tour Singapore

Yoga Lin [IDOL] World Tour Singapore
Event date

25 April 2020

Event Time

Time: 8:00 PM
Duration: Approx. 2 hours


Singapore Indoor Stadium
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$108 - $228




相隔8年 林宥嘉[idol]世界巡回演唱会0425 即將前进新加坡! idol不止idol 音乐突破新格局 视觉令你无限想像

这一次《idol》演唱会概念不只紧扣「偶像」,也将该字重新解构再组合为整场演出的四个主题──「D」oubt、「L」ife、「I」、Her「O 」, 分别代表了宥嘉对于idol的深层面貌,从“自我怀疑的阶段演变到成为 [Real Hero] 的过程。”


2020年4月25号 林宥嘉邀歌迷们一起进入他的迷幻音乐世界。

Witness the amazing visuals with significant breakthrough in music beyond your imagination Multi-talented Yoga takes on the role as a Music Director for the tour which started in 2018, has created raving reviews with an extremely strong box office performance 10 years after his debut, Yoga Lin林宥嘉, is taking on the mantle as the Music Director for his latest IDOL World Tour, as he looks back on his journey as an artiste for the past decade, while achieving breakthroughs in his music. Wanting to bring the best to all his fans, he brainstorms his thought into multiple aspects, ranging from the musical arrangement, reinterpretation of the songs, audiovisual, lighting, concert visuals, and merchandise to even fan banners. At the same time, he also holds the team in high regard, highlighting that “it’s a team effort that makes the tour possible.”

From reality singing competition One Million Star, where he shot to fame as the inaugural winner, to Jungle Voice, where he serves as a mentor to the participants, Yoga will showcase his journey and progress in the past decade in this tour. He will be giving a different interpretation and a whole new take to the songs that will be performed in this concert, providing fans with an unprecedented auditory experience.

Come 25 April 2020, Yoga will bring you into your IDOL’s world, stay tuned to find out what surprises he will have in store for the Singapore stop! This concert is proudly brought to you by HIM International Music, CK Star Entertainment and G.H.Y Culture & Media.


  • Start Date

    25 November 2019
    10:00AM onwards across all channels
    12:00PM onwards at The Star Performing Arts Centre Box Office
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CAT 5S$108
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HIM International Music, CK Star Entertainment, G.H.Y Culture & Media

Start Sales Date

25 November 2019 10:00AM onwards across all channels

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  • Singapore Sports Hub Box Office
  • +65 3158 8588
  • All SingPost Outlets
  • Scotts Square Concierge Desk
  • The Star Performing Arts Centre Box Office

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