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As part of the continual assessment of risks at our various facilities, we have implemented additional precautionary measures, in line with government advisories and guidelines, to ensure a safe environment for the public to keep fit and stay healthy.

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The Sports Hub Netball Academy is a new program launch at the OCBC Arena Hall 3. The programs provide an opportunity for girls to learn and develop their knowledge in Netball and is also a chance for Mummies and Daughters to have fun and bond through the sports with professional guidance.

Social Netball

Social Netball

Sunday | 3pm to 5pm

Netball players can now keep fit and improve their skillsets with the Social Netball programme. Participants also get to socialize with other netball enthusiasts while training together.
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Monday | 8pm to 10pm
Tuesday | 9am to 11am

NETforMUMS is a social recreational initiative for all level players from beginners to advanced players. The NETforMUMS program is specifically developed for female adult players who enjoy playing the sports.
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Afterschool Netball

Afterschool Netball

Thursday | 5pm to 7pm

The Afterschool Netball program is for players age 7 to 12 years old who want to have extra Netball training or do not have Netball as a co-curriculum in school. The program is for all level of players and focuses on the basics of Netball, agility, team play and game understanding.
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What to wear

What to wear: There is no specific requirement on the attire for the Netball programs. Players can wear anything that is comfortable for the Netball games. To prevent accidents, players are required to wear appropriate running shoes or Netball shoes.

Trial classes

Trial sessions are available for the various Netball programs. Interested participants can register for a trial session at the rate of $20.


The program is held at OCBC Arena Hall 3. 5 Stadium Drive, Singapore 397691
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For more information on the Sports Hub Academy, download the FAQ here.


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