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Step into an exciting world of sporting activities and get your muscles pumping at the Singapore Sports Hub! Organise a date with family and friends for some sporting action, and get active and energised at the variety of indoor and outdoor play spaces. Whether it is leisure or competitive play, run, skate, jump or splash, our sports centre offers the right venue at affordable rates to unlock countless hours of fun! Book online today!

Free to Play Facilities

Get everyone playing together at our free outdoor basketball and beach volleyball courts or at a more leisurely paced lawn bowl game! Make memories that your family and friends will talk about for weeks on end.

Indoor Facilities

Wish to get moving this weekend? Deliver a deadly smash on the badminton court or stun opponents with your signature table tennis backhand drive.

Aquatic Facilities

Prefer the solitude of a good swim! Reduce your stress hormones and lift your mood by cooling off with a plunge at our pools.